Hydraulic Oil 32

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Hydraulic Oil 32

Hydraulic Oil 32 is a high performance oil based on very highly refined mineral oil. The product exhibits superior air release and demulsification as well as good filtration properties even when extremely fine filters are used.

Hydraulic Oil 32 is a high viscosity index product and will therefore give effective performance in high temperature environments.

Available in 25L, 215L, IBC



  • Outstanding antiwear properties.
  • Corrosion protection
  • Antioxidant characteristics
  • Superior air release
  • Good filtration properties


For use in hydraulic system that require anti wear minerals.

Application & Mix Ratio

It is designed principally for industrial applications but can be used whenever the following specifications are required:

  • DIN51524 part 2 & 3 ((HLP, HVLP)
  • AFNOR NF E 48-603 (HM, HV)
  • SIS SS 155434
  • VDMA 24318
  • Hoesch HWN 2333
  • Thyssen TH N-256132
  • CETOP RP 91 H (HM, HV)
  • SEB 181 222
  • U.S Steel 126 & 127
  • Sperry Vickers M-2950-S & I-286-S

Application Advice

Application Advice

The key to successful application of our (and other) cutting fluids, is to direct as much coolant as possible in a continuous stream as closely as possible to the cutting edge.

This achieves the three primary aims; to lubricate the chip-blade interface, to transfer heat from the blade, and to remove the chip as cleanly and as quickly as possible.

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