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Slideway Oil 68

Slideway 68 is a sophisticated machine tool lubricant designed to provide regular oil film pressure distribution. Enabling smooth relative linear movements between the sliding surfaces.

Specially formulated to prevent any sticky deposits on the slideways caused high unit loads and slow travel speeds.

Available in 5L, 25L, 215L, IBC


  • Maximum resistance to wear.
  • Resistance to atmospheric contamination.
  • Resistance to lubricant removal caused by cutting fluids.

Application & Mix Ratio

Designed principally for industrial applications but can be used whenever the following specification applies:

  • Cincinnati Milacron P-47, P-50, P-53 way oil specifications.

Application Advice

Application Advice

The key to successful application of our (and other) cutting fluids, is to direct as much coolant as possible in a continuous stream as closely as possible to the cutting edge.

This achieves the three primary aims; to lubricate the chip-blade interface, to transfer heat from the blade, and to remove the chip as cleanly and as quickly as possible.

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