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Systems Cleaner

Systems Cleaner is an alkaline disinfectant for production plants and circulating systems.

Available in 5L, 25L, 215L


  • Combination of highly active wetting agents
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Effective disinfectant against Bacteria, Fungi and Yeasts.
  • Eliminates grease
  • Removes dirt
  • Eliminates bacterial contamination and clumps of fungi

Application & Mix Ratio

Ideally the machine should be emptied of coolant and filled to the level of covering the pump woth a solution of Systems Cleaner in water. This should be circulated for 8 hours before emptying out, flushing and refilling with coolant. Short cuts such as adding the systems cleaner to coolant will work but to a lesser degree.

Great care should be taken if attempting to machine with the Systems Cleaner present because of skin and eye hazard.

Application Advice

Application Advice

The key to successful application of our (and other) cutting fluids, is to direct as much coolant as possible in a continuous stream as closely as possible to the cutting edge.

This achieves the three primary aims; to lubricate the chip-blade interface, to transfer heat from the blade, and to remove the chip as cleanly and as quickly as possible.

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