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High Production Tube Saws

Sawcraft can offer the following:

  • Competitively Priced Machines.
  • Wide Range of Finance Options Available.
  • Technical Team on Hand to Offer Support & Advice.
  • Full Range of Saw Blades & Cutting Oils to Cover all Aspects of your Sawing Requirements.

Ralc Italia specialise in the design and manufacture of tube cutting machines and over the years have gained an excellent reputation as world leaders in reliable and industry approved quality machines. The range includes the following options:

  • Tube cutting
  • Deburring
  • Washing
  • Options: Belt collector, ejecting solutions, measurement systems and loading magazines
  • Special lines e.g. Double cutting units for CNC combined cuts
  • Machine extras: Loading sound proofing, cutting sound proofing

The High Production Tube Saws Range

Kronos Automatic Tube Cutting Machine

Ralc Italia - Conni Tube Cutting Machines

  • The Kronos machine represents the latest developments in integrated machine technology with a fully integrated Gripper P15 clamping system.
  • For tubes of ferrous and non ferrous material.
  • Very compact and solid frame equipped with incorporated gripper allowing very quick and precise connection to de-burring machines, chamfering, centring, gauging units and machining centres.
  • Ability to automatically cut up to two different cut lengths from one starting length.
  • Instantaneous adjustment of cut length via operator control.
  • Multiple job memory facility and settings of cutting parameters.

Cutting Capacity

Material: 10 – 60mm.

Wall thickness: 0.7 – 3mm.

Materials: Ferrous & Non Ferrous.

Cut Length: 10 – 1200mm.

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Gemini 802 Automatic Tube Cutting Saw

Ralc Italia - Conni Tube Cutting Machines

  • Automatic tube cutting saw with the ability to cut two bars at once.
  • Automatic monitoring and control of all cutting parameters through the operator panel.
  • Inverter controlled blade speed.
  • Material advance carriage motion through the use of high precision ball screw drive and brushless motor.
  • Ultra fast blade changeover time.
  • Ultra high level of precision
  • Automatic positioning of saw blade depending on part size for optimum cycle time.

Cutting Capacity:

Round: 10 – 100mm.

Square: 10 – 80mm.

Bar Length: 3500 – 6500mm.


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Aires 3102 Automatic Saw for Tube Cutting

Ralc Italia - Conni Tube Cutting Machines

  • The Aires 3102 is suitable for cutting both tubes and bars up to 102mm diameter.
  • Bar length capacity: 20mm minimum up to 4500mm.
  • 3 controlled electric axis: bar feeding, cutting head movement and automatic dead stop setting.
  • Extremely solid frame ensures great reliability combined with the highest quality components and the latest generation of electronic controls.
  • Siemens Microbox 427 industrial computer control with a simple and operator graphic screen.
  • Minimum changeover times with maximum output rates.

Cutting Capacity: 

Round 10 – 102mm.

Square: 10 – 80mm.

Rectangle: 15 x 10 – 100 x 160mm.

Solid Bar: 12 x 40mm.

Bar Length: 20 – 4500mm.

Blade Dia: 350mm.

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Lybra C450 Automatic Mitre Cutting Tube Saw.

Ralc Italia - Conni Tube Cutting Machines

  • The Lybra C450 automatic saw offers mitre cutting options from 90, 45 & 30º on material up to 145mm diameter.
  • Automatic loader capacity: 3500 – 6500mm.
  • Maximum total bundle weight: 3000Kgs.
  • Discharge system capacity: 10 – 2000mm.
  • Automatic setting of discharge system off loading carriage with hydraulic pressure adjustment.
  • Inverter controlled blade speed (24 – 124rpm).
  • Siemens Controls.

Cutting Capacity:

Round 90º – 145mm.

Round 45º – 135mm.

Round 30º – 110mm.

Rectangular 90º – 180x100mm.

Rectangular 45º – 150x70mm.

Rectangular 30º – 110x60mm.

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