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Ralc Italia – Conni Tube Cutting Machines

Cutting Technology Solutions, C.T.S Conni

Italian C.T.S Conni has 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of tube cutting machines and over the years have gained an excellent reputation as world leaders in reliable and industry approved quality machines. This advantage allows them to create machines that are bespoke to any requirement, this includes such extras as washing machines, Deburring machines etc.

The CTS Conni range includes:

  • Tube cutting
  • Deburring
  • Washing
  • Options: Belt collector, ejecting solutions, measurement systems and loading magazines
  • Special lines e.g. Double cutting units for CNC combined cuts
  • Machine extras: Loading sound proofing, cutting sound proofing

Recent Development (Summer 2011)

RALC ITALIA SRL who specialise in design and construction of individual automations and special machines, have now formed a strategic partnership with CTS Conni. The company are now able to offer customers a wider range of products and complete lines for tube processing, starting from cutting systems to final piece production.

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