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PLC Control - Smart NC Technology
Easy programmable touch screen control
Inverter controlled blade speed
Full stroke material clamping
Vise pressure regulator

G260 Automatic Bandsaw Machine

Cosen Bandsaw Machines

The G260 automatic bandsaw machine has been specifically designed for mass production cutting on material up to 260mm diameter.

This model includes the latest Smart  NC-100 Technology, providing a programmable memory for up to 100 different jobs.

The heavy duty construction supports this high performance machine with precision feed pressure and feed rate dual valve system for accurate cutting.

Cutting Capacity







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Bundle Cutting CapacityWidth190x280mm
Blade Speed20-100 m/min66-328ft
Blade Size3660x34x1.1mm144"1.3"0.042"
Blade Motor5HP3.75kW
Hydraulic Motor1HP0.75kW
Coolant Motor1/8HP 0.1kW
Work bed Height720mm28.3"
Gross Weight1500kgs3300lbs
SpecificationBlade Guide, Drive & CoolantMaterial Feeding & ClampingControl & Automation


100 programmable cut lengths and quantity position for multiple job cutting and job storage. Full colour touch screen panel control with machine status indicators and error message displays. Dual blade controls of both blade feed rate and material pressure force. Inverter controlled blade speed 20-100 MPM, actual speed shown on display. A single vise stroke of 403mm with NC calculated multi shuffle up to 6500mm long. Carbide pads controlled with quick settings for easy blade change and roller bearing guides. Hydraulic Blade Tension control with machine status indicators. Mitsubishi PLC Control. Full stroke material vices, No manual setting required controlled with double retracting carriage vise for improved handling of bent stock and reduced risk of material marking. New Improved “CE” Full Mesh guarding, Interlocked blade covers, Blade motion detector and Mechanical lock on control cabinet doors. Powered swarf brush and variable speed hydraulic swarf conveyor, fully guarded. Adjustable high powered work light.

Blade Guide, Drive & Coolant

Blade motor 3.75Kw (5Hp). Inverter controlled blade speed for suitable for a range of materials (20 – 100m/min). Carbide blade guide assembly blocks with additional bearing guides and vertical blade guides. Substantial 1 1/4″ wide bandsaw, essential for cutting hard/exotic materials. Hydraulic blade tension to maximise blade life. Integral coolant system built into the machine (75 Ltr capacity). Powered brush synchronised to the blade speed.

Material Feeding & Clamping

Split front vise to allow automatic feeding down to a minimum scrap end length of 50mm. Hydraulic clamping with full stroke cylinders (No manual adjustment). Double retracting rear vise to improve handling of bent material and reduce the risk of marking. Vise jaws feature replaceable hardened wear plate inserts. One set of vertical alignment infeed rollers. Multiple horizontal infeed rollers for easy material handling. Discharge adjustable material guides with integrated coolant return.

Control & Automation

Mitsubishi PLC Control. Full colour touch screen for easy use. Multi quantity/cut length programming facility. Programmable up to 100 jobs. Automatic blade kerf compensation system when multi cutting for long cut lengths. “Save a blade” system to maximise blade life – material pull back before blade lifts after each cut. Automatic machine shut down at the end of a job. Error message display system for fault finding. Dual feed valve control for both cutting pressure and material force.

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