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C-800NC Automatic Bandsaw Machine

Cosen Bandsaw Machines

Cosen’s C-800NC incorporates a 7,5 kW powerful blade motor, 67 mm wide blade, independent control panel, and heavy-duty dual column design. These features create a very rigid, dynamically stable and productive machine.  The heavy-duty dual columns keep the blade parallel to the material at all times creating equal force throughout the entire cutting cycle, thereby increasing the cutting efficiency and extending blade life.

PLC Control - Smart NC Technology
Easy programmable touch screen control
Inverter controlled blade speed
Full stroke material clamping
Vise pressure regulator

Cutting Capacity






Blade Speed15 - 80m/min49 - 264ft/min
Blade Size8300 x 67 x 1.6mm326.8 x 2.6 x 0.06
Blade Motor7.5kw10HP
Hydraulic Motor2.2KW3HP
Coolant Motor0.375kw1/2HP
Workbed Height640MM25.2"
Gross Weight6000kgs13200lbs
Floor Space2330x3890x2940mm92x153x116"
DesignBlade Drive, Guide & CoolantControl & AutomationMaterial Feeding & ClampingControl & AutomationSNC-100 Features include:


Heavy Duty, Robust construction (Nett weight = 9,500 Kgs) Large diameter, precision ground dual columns support and guide the heavy duty saw bow through the entire cutting process. The saw head uses a back tilt design which twists the blade less than a traditional bandsaw, putting less stress into the blade and therefore increasing blade life. A cross link between both columns is mounted at the top of each column to provide the maximum possible structural integrity Hydraulic shuttle vice system is made from a heavy duty casting incorporating replaceable hardened wear plates on material contact points. This is mounted on two large guides shafts designed to handle heavy loads with both shafts chrome plated to give smooth controlled feeding over a long working life.

Blade Drive, Guide & Coolant

Bandsaw Blade motor drive 7.5kw Specially designed gearbox for high lateral pressure, reducing the risk of thermal distortion Powerful Inverter controlled variable Bandsaw blade speeds (15-80 m/min) Blade speed indicator and setting are conveniently located on the operator control station. Carbide blade guides are hydraulically clamped to ensure the maximum squareness of cut and are machined for improved blade lubrication. The Bearing guides eliminate blade stress by pre aligning the blade before it enters the carbide guides. Two additional guides support the blade from above, providing additional penetrating force for faster cutting times. Hydraulically positioned guide arm is controlled from the operators station allowing optimal positioning for each job Automatic Hydraulic blade tension to maximise blade life, by reducing blade tension when the machine is not cutting. An on-off switch is added to assist in quick blade changes. Integral Coolant system (120 Ltr Capacity) with delivery points at both the entry and exit of the cutting process and in the middle via an adjustable flexible hose. The machine base is designed on an angle so the coolant will return to the tank Powered blade brush synchronised to the blade speed.

Control & Automation

The Independent operator control station can be ergonomically positioned at the front of the machine All control functions are clearly identified for ease of operation Main electrical lockout switch is mounted at the front of the operator control station The Mitsubishi CNC controller can store order details such as cut length and quantities. The CNC control automatically compensates for any kerf loss when multi feeding is required. The machine is also automatically shut down once the cutting program is completed or the machine is out of stock. Also included is an error feedback system enabling quick and simple fault finding. Mitsubishi CNC features include; Automatic Machine shut down when the programme is completed or out of stock Program storage facility with easy re-call for regular work LCD operator touch screen Blade speed display Blade life indicator Feed vice position Automatic kerf loss calculations when multi feeding Error codes for simple fault finding Precision Proportional Feed Valve for optimal cutting performance on all materials Work height selector positions the saw blade to a safe clearance above the material. Preset work piece counter with automatic shutoff sensor for out of stock LED digital blade speed monitor on operators control panel.

Material Feeding & Clamping

Full stroke Hydraulic clamping of both front and rear vices (Minimum clamp width = 270 mm) Two speed stock feeding system which allows the operator to feed material through the machine at either fast or slow speeds from the control panel, especially useful when cutting to a mark. Two speed head rotation controlled from the operator panel CNC control allows multiple indexing of the 430mm feeding vice, up to a maximum cut length of 6 Metres with automatic kerf loss calculation. Ductile cast Iron vice assemblies with replaceable hardened wear plates Multiple horizontal rollers are integrated into the saw bed to ensure smooth feeding even on the heaviest of materials. Adjustable fence to support cut off pieces

Control & Automation

Smart NC-100 (SNC100) technology provides most of the benefits of NC controlled saws at a mere fraction of the cost. SNC100 controls are programmable up to 100 different jobs including quantity and length of cut. The control automatically compensates for Kerf loss after data input and requires no manual calculation of number of times to index. The control also automatically shutdowns the machine, blade motor, and hydraulics, once the programmed number of cuts or out of stock situation has been achieved. The system includes an error feedback function enabling rapid troubleshooting through an error code to be displayed in the event of a malfunction.

SNC-100 Features include:

5.7” Touch screen Mitsubishi PLC controller 100 individual jobs can be programmed and stored. Stored program(s) may be easily recalled and executed at Will. Blade Speed Display Motor amp draw (optional) Optional Blade Deviation Detection monitor can be controlled directly from Touch Screen. Automatic Kerf Loss Compensation & Automatic Multiple Indexing up to 650” Save-a-Blade Feature – The shuttle vise will automatically retract the material slightly after cut-off, so a blade can avoid the undesirable abrasion with material, improving cutting tool life. Error Code Display Provides simplified self-diagnostics. Blade life timer.

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