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Quick clamping vise
Two speed blade control
Swivel head for mitre cutting
Integrated coolant system

Cosen MH-350DM – Double Mitre Cutting Bandsaw

Cosen Bandsaw Machines

The Cosen MH-350DM is an ideal machine tool for machine shops, maintenance facilities, fabrication shops, and limited production work.  The solid construction ensures many years of reliability and accuracy with a high level of performance when cutting solids, square, round, rectangle and tubing material.

Cutting Capacity




200 x200mm


200 x 350mm

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Mitre Cutting CapacityRound 0º260mm
Round 45º200mm
Round 60º140mm
Round -45º200mm
Square 0º200 x 200mm
Square 45º200 x 200mm
Square 60º140 x 140mm
Square -45º200 x 200mm
Rectangle 0º200 x 350mm
Rectangle 45º200 x 245mm
Rectangle 60º140 x 140mm
Rectangle -45º200 x 245mm
Blade Speed20 - 90 m/min
Blade Size3055 x 27 x 0.9mm
Saw Blade Motor2HP
Gross Weight360kgs
Floor Space1970 x 1000 x 1650mm
Machine Structure & DesignBlade DriveBlade Guide & LubricationControl & AutomationSafety

Machine Structure & Design

Hydraulic cylinder plus precision ground hinge support guide the rugged saw frame through the entire cutting cycle. Swivel frame design utilizing heavy-duty cast iron swivel center features straight and miter cuts from 90 to 60 degrees (forward) to 45 degrees (reverse) with quick setting and precise positioning. It enables smooth turning of the saw frame for each angle viable via the easy-to-read mitering scale. Large rugged base provides support for the heavy castings, and it comes with built-in coolant system for all-in-one convenience.

Blade Drive

A 2 hp motor, heavy-duty direct drive reducer with inverter variable speed drive allows the operator to select the best speed in the range for the material being cut. The gearbox is a direct drive type. Equipped with this direct drive the MH-350DM will give the best horse power transfer of any similar machine. This should provide a quiet, powerful, and trouble-free drive.

Blade Guide & Lubrication

Carbide blade guides with roller bearings pre-align the blade before entering carbide blade guides. This feature reduces wear on blade guides and blade, thus enhancing blade life. Two additional guides located on a central axis support the blade from the top, giving it extra penetrating force. The carbide guides are relieved to allow coolant flow to lubricate and cool the blade as well as work piece. The rigid guide arms are mounted off of the cast saw frame for more solid and supportive surface. This rigid design owes to use of superior cast-iron which greatly reduces vibration and achieves better cutting result. Blade tension system fitted with indicator gauge to insure constant and accurate tension. Integral coolant system. Blade brush to remove chips from blade gullet. Carbide blade guides with roller bearings pre-align the blade before entering carbide blade guides. This feature reduces wear on blade guides and blade, thus enhancing blade life.

Control & Automation

Down feed rate control with on/off valve. The feed rate may be adjusted by setting the dial on the hydraulic down feed valve. The vast range of adjustment allows proper setting which results in longer blade life, shorter cutting times, and better finishes. When setting up work for next cut, one can quickly hold the head in place without touching feed rate control. The control panel is clearly arranged and located on in an ergonomic position next to the saw head.


Conduits protect all exposed electric wiring and hydraulic circuits. Easy to reach control panel with prominent E-stop and indicator lights clearly displays the machine status for power on, blade running, and coolant running. Blade door switch prevents accidental start of the machine when it’s open.

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