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Sawcraft RF-300 Semi Automatic Dual Column Bandsaw

Heavy duty dual column semi automatic bandsaw with hydraulic vise, ideal for mass cutting tubes, profiles and solid material. Maximum cutting diameter of 300 mm, the dual column feeding system provides stables and precise cutting.

Variable blade speed
Saw bow lifts automatically
Scissor action design for straight cutting
Hydraulic material clamping

Cutting Capacity






Blade Speed22, 40, 58, 84 mpm
Saw Blade3950 x 1.1 x 34 mm
Machine Dimensions2057 x 1080 x 1384 mm
Machine Weight700kgs
Bandsaw Blade DriveBandsaw Blade Guide & CoolantControl & AutomationMaterial Feeding & Clamping

Bandsaw Blade Drive

Heavy Duty, Robust construction (Nett Weight = 700 Kgs) Dual column feeding system for stable and precise cutting. Motor drive = 2.2 Kw ( 3HP) Specially designed gearbox for high lateral pressure Variable blade speed control (22, 40,58,84 mpm) 34 mm (11/4”) wide bandsaw blade Bandsaw Blade Size = 3950 x 34 x 1.1 mm

Bandsaw Blade Guide & Coolant

Carbide blade guides with bearings increase the stability and prolong blade life. The Bearing guides eliminate blade stress by pre aligning the blade before it enters the carbide guides. Integral Coolant system, coolant. Powered blade cleaning brush synchronised to the blade speed Wide chip tray with filter net for easy collecting chips and cleaning.

Control & Automation

The operator control station is ergonomically positioned at the front of the machine All control functions are clearly identified for ease of operation Main electrical lockout switch is mounted at the front of the operator control station Dual feed valve system. Material type and feed rate are easily and simply adjusted for the optimum cutting parameters Saw bow lifting height setting by sliding bar, easy to operate. Semi automatic with hydraulic pump and magnetic switch to control saw bow up and down movement.

Material Feeding & Clamping

Semi Auto hydraulic vise provides 15mm travel for auto clamping. Lead screw and rack vise system provide quick and firm clamping. Adjustable blade guide arm to increase work piece precision and saw blade life. Hydraulic brake down feed dial on control panel, easy to operate.

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