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Bandsaw Machine Maintenance ‘The Preventative Approach’

For optimal performance and longer life of your bandsaw machine: daily and monthly checks should be performed as part of an overall annual maintenance plan, these checks are essential. A maintenance schedule will increase efficiency and overall productivity by reducing breakdown costs and lower downtime on the saw.

The following check list allows you to ensure best practice for operating the saw. The check list detailed below can be incorporated into the daily tasked performed by your operator….


Morning Check

  • Hydraulic oil levels. If the tank is below ½ full then top up to around 2/3 of the tanks capacity. This is the optimal level for system operation.
  • Cutting fluid level, making sure there is sufficient coolant in the tank that is not contaminated or giving off foul odours.
  • Check the saw blade to make sure it is correctly positioned on both the drive wheel and idle wheel. The condition of the wheels is critical to blade life, any cracks, heavy wear or chip will result in premature blade life.
  • The saw blade is correctly positioned between the left/right guide inserts. Any damage or excessive wear to the guides will cause premature blade life.
  • Check the wire brush position is in the correct contact with the saw blade and has sufficient wear left.

End of shift checks

  • Remove all swarf from the machine: vise jaws, band wheels, and blade guides
  • Overall machine clean, wiping away any coolant left on machine surfaces.
  • Blade Guide alignment

Monthly Maintenance

  • Apply grease to the following areas:
  • Idle wheel
  • Drive wheel
  • Blade tension devise
  • Thorough inspection all parts subject to wear: bearings, guides, vise jaws, belts, band wheels

Three Monthly Checks

  • Clean out sawing fluid reservoir
  • Drain and replace gear oil after 3 months or 600 operating hours

Six Monthly Checks

  • Clean the filter for cutting oil
  • Drain and replace gear oil after 6 months or 1200 working hours
  • Drain hydraulic oil tank and replace oil

The above check are all in line with machine manufacturers recommendations. We advise following this checklist to form part of an ongoing maintenance plan for the year. It is also advisable to have an annual service performed by an independent engineer that has been trained by the manufacturer of the saw.