Tooth Pitch

Making sure you use the correct blade and tooth pitch will not only Dramatically prolong the life of your blade but will also make process quicker and safer.

Tooth (tpi) Selection Charts

The correct tpi selection (tooth per inch) will dramatically increase the blade life. (Guide only)

Wood | Plastic | Aluminium


Rectangular solid metals & squares


Round solid metals


Tube/pipe/profile, channel & Box Metal


General rule of thumb for no. of
Teeth in the work piece:

  • Too many teeth may straddle the work and break the teeth
  • Too many teeth can cause gullet overload and strip teeth
  • Hard materials require more teeth to share the work
  • Softer materials require fewer teeth and more gullet capacity to clear the larger chips they generate
For Wood & Soft Materials 3-6 Teeth
For Wood & Soft Materials 6-24 Teeth

Saw blade Safety

For your own safety, please follow the safety instructions while you are working with bandsaw blades.
  • Be careful opening welded loops as they are packed under tension.
  • While unpacking and installing the blade, always wear safety shoes, gloves and safety glasses.
  • Close the cover of the bandsaw during cutting operation.
  • Switch off the machine during blade change.
  • Install blade with teeth position in correct rotation.