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Dewatering Oil

Dewatering Oil

Corrosion preventative oil that combines protective properties with outstanding water displacing qualities. Can be applied to both wet and dry parts.

Available in 25L, 215L, IBC

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  • Good corrosion protection
  • Protective period for 6 – 9 months indoors
  • Protective period for 2 – 3 months outdoor under cover
  • Outstanding water displacing qualities


Ferrous metals

Application & Mix Ratio

This product can be applied by brush, spray, swab or dip tank. Dip tanks provide the best results ideally fitted with a sloping bottom and drain tap. Water should be drawn off frequently and care should be taken to ensure that the dipped articles do not come into contact with water.

The removal of the protective film is not normally necessary prior to assembly of components or further machining. However it can be easily removed with washing oil or traditional degreasing agents.