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Supercool HD100 soluble cutting oil for bandsaw machines

Supercool HD100 Soluble Cutting Oil

All round, high performance metal working fluid suitable for a wide range of materials. Combining specially blended lubricity additives with optimised levels of oil to promote a high quality surface finish and extended tool life.

Available in 25L, 215L, IBC.

BenefitsMaterialsApplication & Mix Ratio


  • Extended sump life
  • Effectively rejects tramp oil
  • High levels of corrosion protection
  • Highly stable emulsion
  • Special hard water additives


  • Ferrous metals including; Stainless steel, Mild steel and Cast Iron.
  • Aluminium
  • Cuprous Alloys

Application & Mix Ratio

  • General machining @ 30:1 mix ratio
  • Difficult operations @ 10:1 mix ratio
  • Grinding @ :1 mix ratio
  • Milling and threading @ :1 mix ratio