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Dyfed Steels Invest in Very Latest High Speed NCS-7/80

Posted on 5th October 2018
Dyfed Steels Invest in Very Latest High Speed

Dyfed Steels Ltd have recently invested in their second Noritake saw The NCS-7/80 is the very latest ultra high speed circular sawing machine.

This saw boasts the ability to increase the cutting capacity by more than 3x the speed of conventional models on the market. The average speed for cutting S45C – 45mm diameter bar is 1.8 seconds.

Other key features of this model are  an increase in the feed stroke length from 600mm to 750mm, improving the overall speed of feeding longer length material. The overall size of the machine has also been reduced when compared to other similar models making this one of the most space efficient saws on the market.