Founded in 1976, Cosen Saws is one of the world’s leading band saw manufacturers with a broad product line and a global sales network. Cosen offers 140 models including vertical, horizontal, miter-cutting, NC & CNC automatic and customized band saws. The Cosen bandsaw range extends from 200 to 3200 mm; cutting materials from steel to titanium, chromium and silicon. The diverse cutting abilities of Cosen bandsaws serve numerous industries such as construction, automotive, aviation and petroleum. Cosen was rated as the No. 1 Sawing Equipment Brand by U.S. Metal Center News in 2015. In 2016, the company launched the world’s first Industry 4.0 Sawing Performance & Health Prognosis App – positioning itself as the technology leader in band saw manufacturing.

Guided by Your Needs and Committed to Excellence in Recommendations

At Cosen, our foremost commitment is to understand and cater to our customers’ unique requirements. We don’t simply suggest any saw; instead, we adopt a customer-centric approach, putting ourselves in your shoes. This allows us to recommend the perfect saw, considering not only your cutting needs and production volume but also a crucial factor: your budget.

Unrivaled Performance and Unparalleled Expertise

With four decades of experience in the field of sawing, Cosen has earned its reputation as a leader in cutting performance. Our dedication to crafting the finest saws is evident in both cutting speed and the quality of the cut. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to innovation ensures that we offer the most extensive range of products available in today’s market. When you have specialized cutting requirements, Cosen is ready to create custom designs for you, with swift delivery.”


Benefits of using Sawcraft

We pride ourselves on working hand-in-hand with each customer to ensure that you take away the product that is right for you. We are a dedicated team with all the technical expertise required to formulate cutting solutions to meet individual sawing needs. Sawcraft is driven by quality but endeavours to find the most cost efficient cutting solutions. As specialists, we provide the complete range of saw blades and band saw machines at the forefront of research and technological development.


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