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Purchasing A Bandsaw Machine.

Purchasing a Bandsaw machine can vary from a relatively small investment to a large scale project. Sawcraft would like to suggest a series of factors that should be considered when purchasing a saw regardless of the size of the investment.

One of the first things to consider is the level of production required. Bandsaws vary from simple manually controlled saws to fully automatic CNC controlled machines. As the levels of production increase the power and automation of the saw become critical.



Types of Bandsaw

Manual bandsaws are often very easy to use and require operator intervention to control the movement of the saw bow head and feeding of the material. Most manual saws have a downward gravitation feed to allow the saw bow head to descend. The vise is often operated with a handle to allow movement of material. Manual saws are ideal for tool rooms and end of production processes.


Semi- automatic machines  require some explanation regarding their function. The automatic  controls  refers to the  automated descent and return of the saw bow head and clamping of the material is often controlled hydraulically. Material  feeding in the saw requires manual intervention and is done by the saw operator. Semi-automatic saws are ideal for applications that require up to 100 cut pieces a day.


Automatic Saws offer a fully automated process for feeding and cutting the material. The saw is  operate via a PLC which allows the operator to select a job from a programmable memory  When choosing an automatic saw it is important to look at factors such as motor capacity, weight of the machine and blade size.

Mitre Cutting

Bandsaws are either designed for straight cutting or mitre cutting. Single mitre cutting is the ability of the machine to cut angles either left or right (usually right) up to 60⁰. Double mitre saws allow the user to cut angles both left and right, usually  up to 60⁰ right and 45⁰. It is important to note that it is also possible to cut straight on mitre cutting machines.

Is bundle cutting import?

Bundle cutting options are available on most automatic saws, they are a great option to increase production by enabling the operator to cut packs of material at one time. It is critical to weld the ends of the pipe in order to prevent the material spinning during cutting. If the material is vibrating/moving during cutting it will destroy the teeth on the bandsaw blade.


Another very important consideration when choosing a machine is the material you are cutting. For example if you are cutting tough materials such as stainless steel, Inconnel or hardened steel then features such as blades speed control are vital. Lots of machines include features which allows the operator to increase the speed or slow it down. For example when cutting mild steel the blades speed should be around 65 – 70mpm however if you are cuttings stainless steel then a much slower speed of 24-30mpm is essential.-

Saw Features/Options

Hydraulic blade tensioning is an important feature on band saw machines, it allows the blade to be tensioned automatically and very accurately which is essential for blade performance.

Chip conveyors are vital for swarf removal as, any build-up of swarf will dramatically effect blade performance and hinder cutting ability. Most bandsaw machines have an integrated chip conveyor.

Vise pressure regulators are desirable features particularly on automatic bandsaws as it allows you to manipulate the clamping pressure of the vise. This is very important when cutting tube to prevent any damage to the material.

This article is a brief overview of the things to consider when purchasing a bandsaw however it is not an exhaustive list. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise wherever possible.