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Rotech purchase 3rd Cosen SH-4030

Rotech Laboratoies Ltd have purchased their third Cosen SH-4030 semi-automatic bandsaw machine. The investment was made to facilitate increased production demands at the testing  Wednesbury. Operations manager, David Skeldon has worked with  Sawcraft for many years and states that “ they are very happy with the past performance of the SH-4030 model,  level of service provided by Sawcraft and after sales support making this the obvious saw  of choice to purchase”.

Cosen SH-4030

The SH-4030 has the ability to cut up to 300mm diameter round bar and 400mm wide plate. The heavy duty, robust construction makes it ideal for applications such as: heavy duty large billets, dies and plate material. The saws features include: variable blade speed control, hydraulic clamps and a powerful blade motor of 3.75kW. The design incorporates an oversize hydraulic cylinder that supports the saw frame with a universal ball joint accomplishing a smooth and consistent down-feed throughout the entire cutting cycle. Unlike many other semi-automatic models the SH-4030 includes a split front vise which is essential for accuracy when cutting small work pieces.