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millmaster bandsaw blades

Millmaster Timber Cutting Bandsaw Blades

Timber Cutting Bandsaw Blades

  • High performance wood cutting blades that offers precise, faster and straighter cuts on timber applications
  • The teeth are ground using comport controlled machinery which offers uncompromising levels of uniformity in the set of the teeth.
  • Precision hardened and tempered to give the optimum balance between strength and flexibility.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality carbon rich European steel, developed with unique metallurgical properties.


  • 37% greater durability than its leading rivals
  • Minimal waste and maximum cutting power
  • Improved quality of finish on sawn timber
  • Perfect balance between strength and flexibility
  • Un paralleled ‘out of the box’ performance

Cutting Applications

  • Timber processing
  • General wood cutting

ServiceS & after sales support

After sales support is just as important as the performance of our products. Full support is provided by our team of technical service personnel, working alongside the customer is where our expertise in technical support is best demonstrated. Our staff provide a comprehensive advisory service and ensure that all customers receive the very best in back-up support.