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Tungsten Carbide Grit Edge Bandsaw Blades for Abrasive Materials

Tungsten Carbide Grit Bandsaw Blades

Hard and Abrasive Cutting Applications

  • Specialised cutting blades designed for extremely hard and abrasive applications.
  • Offer significant improvements over traditional toothed blades due to the unique cutting edge and material hardness.
  • Blades are available with Gulleted or Continuous edges.
  • Continuous edges are ideal for brittle material and thin wall sections.



  • Carbide grit edge can be reversed so the gullet is usable on both sides.
  • The grit structure offers many cutting surfaces that operate with a grinding action that reduces snagging and the risk of breaking brittle material.
  • Minimal vibration.
  • Allows for faster more aggressive cutting.
  • Fatigue resistant alloy backing.

Cutting Applications

  • Carbon and Graphite
  • Industrial Ceramics
  • Composites, Concrete Building Panels and Laminates
  • Fibreglass Honeycomb
  • Glass and Glass Blocks
  • Stone and Minerals
  • Tires and Wire Reinforced Rubber

ServiceS & after sales support

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