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TCT Bandsaw blades for metal cutting applications

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blades

Exotic, Difficult and Abrasive Material Applications

  • Ultimate high performance carbide tipped blades.
  • Hi-low tooth height and ground “kerf-maker” design ensure a great finish in close tolerance applications.
  • Designed to cut high nickel alloys and exotic materials.
  • Increased service lifetime for volume production sawing.
  • Triple chip ground tooth pattern.


  • 88High grade carbide.
  • Excellent wear resistance in abrasive and hard to cut materials.
  • Super cut finish.
  • Excellent cutting accuracy.

ServiceS & after sales support

After sales support is just as important as the performance of our products. Full support is provided by our team of technical service personnel, working alongside the customer is where our expertise in technical support is best demonstrated. Our staff provide a comprehensive advisory service and ensure that all customers receive the very best in back-up support.