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Sawcraft RF-270S Manual Mitre Cutting Bandsaw

The RF 270 is a manual bandsaw machine with a cutting capacity of 225mm diameter. The swivel frame design allows for adjustable mitre cutting at angles between 0 – 45º – 60º. The Gravity feed control system is ideal for unattended cutting with a blade off switch at the end of cut.

Cutting Capacity




200 x 200mm


Mitre CapacityRound -45º 160mm
Round - 60º 90mm
Blades Speed 40 - 80 MPM


Blade guide pads with roller bearings support for accurate and square cuts. • Wire blade chip brush. • Swivel saw frame for mitre cutting angles left from 0 to 60 deg. • Quick clamping vise, equipped with quick short range sliding device. • Blade tensioning system fitted with light indicator and fixed screw for blade integrity checking. • Quick blade changeover. • Adjustable material stopper. • Integrated coolant system. • Adjustable length stop. • Interlocked blade safety guard

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