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Cosen G300 Fully Automatic Bandsaw Machine

Cosen Bandsaw Machines

Cosen’s G300 is a high production machine which incorporates a massive base, sturdy saw frame, with an extremely heavy duty gear box, a 3,75 kW drive motor, and a user friendly programmable control for ease of operation.

Cosen now offers the latest in Touch Screen Control Technology, SNC-100. Coupled with a Mitsubishi PLC controller the 5.7” Color Touch Screen allows for fast easy programming of any job. Utilizing the SNC-100 System the operator easily programs the cut length and quantity desired.  The SNC-100 System stores up to 100 cutting jobs and features

Cutting Capacity







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Bundle CuttingWidth155 - 200 mm
Height50 - 120mm
Blade Speed20 - 100 m/min
Blade Size3820 x 34 x 1.1 mm
Blade Motor3.75kW
Hydraulic Motor0.7kW
Work Bed Height720 mm
Weight1800 kgs
Floor Space2010 x 1890 x 1530mm
Machine StructureBlade DriveBlade Guidance & Lubrication SystemControl & AutomationSNC-100 Features include:

Machine Structure

Oversized hydraulic cylinder supports the rugged saw frame with heavy-duty universal ball joint accomplishing smooth & consistent downfeed through the entire cutting cycle. Special wear resistant DU bushing works inside the precision bore solid cast hinge and ground pivot shaft to ensure durability and long useful life. The saw head adopts a 45 degree back-tilt angle, which allows the blade to turn 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees between the wheel and blade guide; thereby putting less stress on the blade, insuring longer life. Hydraulic shuttle vise assembly, made of heavy-duty cast iron with replaceable hardened wear plates, rides on two large guide shafts that are capable of handling extreme loads. Both shafts are ground and chrome plated for durability and smooth material feeding.

Blade Drive

The gearbox is specially designed to accept high lateral pressure. Unlike conventional gearboxes, the Cosen design accepts more pressure during operation and will not create thermal distortion, providing long gearbox life under production conditions. Inverter blade drive system allows infinitely variable blade speeds to be controlled by the operator from the control panel with turn of a knob. The system comes standard with LED readout for convenient and accurate setting of blade speed.

Blade Guidance & Lubrication System

Carbide guides securely guide the blade during the cutting cycle. The carbide is relieved so that coolant can both cool and lubricate the blade during the cut. The bearing guides eliminate blade stress by pre-aligning the blade before it enters the carbide guides. Two additional guides located on a central axis support the blade from the top, giving it extra penetrating force for faster cuts. Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning device provides correct blade tensioning when the machine is turned on and will slightly release the tension when the machine is not running. This extends blade life. The on-off hydraulic valve switch is an added feature making blade change quicker and easier.

Control & Automation

Smart NC-100 (SNC100) technology provides most of the benefits of NC controlled saws at a mere fraction of the cost. SNC100 controls are programmable up to 100 different jobs including quantity and length of cut. The control automatically compensatesfor kerf loss after data input and requires no manual calculation of number of times to index. The control also automatically shutdowns the machine, blade motor, and hydraulics, once the programmed number of cuts or out of stock situation has been achieved. The system includes an error feedback function enabling rapid troubleshooting through an error code to be displayed in the event of a malfunction.

SNC-100 Features include:

5.7” Touch screen Mitsubishi PLC controller 100 individual jobs can be programmed and stored. Blade Speed Display Automatic Kerf Loss Compensation & Automatic Multiple Indexing up to 99 m. Save-a-Blade Feature -The shuttle vise will automatically retract the material slightly after cut-off, so a blade can avoid the undesirable abrasion with material, improving cutting tool life. Error Code Display Provides simplified self-diagnostics.

ServiceS & after sales support

After sales support is just as important as the performance of our products. Full support is provided by our team of technical service personnel, working alongside the customer is where our expertise in technical support is best demonstrated. Our staff provide a comprehensive advisory service and ensure that all customers receive the very best in back-up support.