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Saw bow lifts automatically
Hydraulic material clamping
Swivel head for mitre cutting
Variable speed control
Integrated coolant system

SH-500M Semi Automatic Mitre Cutting Bandsaw

Cosen Bandsaw Machines

The SH-500M is a swivel frame mitre cutting bandsaw for material up to 330mm diameter. The versatile design ensures the material is clamped securely while the rotating bow allows the desired angle to be selected. Up to 60º mitre cutting angles are achieved  with a maximum cutting capacity of 500 x 280mm(wxh) on rectangular material.

Cutting Capacity





Mitre Cutting CapacityRound +45290mm
Round +60220mm
Rectangle +45280x280mm
Rectangle +60280x200mm
Blade Speed23,36,51,76 m/min75,117,166,247 fpm
Blade Size4150x27x0.9mm163"x1.06"0.035
Blade Motor3HP2.25kW
Hydraulic Motor1/2 HP0.375kW
Coolant Motor1/8HP0.09kW
Work bed Height820mm32.3"
Gross Weight990kgs2079lbs
Floor Space1870x2715x2085mm74"x107"x82"
SpecificationBlade Drive, Guide & CoolantControl & AutomationMaterial Feeding & Clamping


Heavy duty, robust construction (790Kgs). The swivel saw head assembly enables the operator to cut any angles between 0-60 degrees without moving the material. The degree of angle is clearly displayed and positioned away from any potential swarf build up. Blade tension indicator ensures the correct tension for better blade life and cutting performance. Precision blade tension to maximise blade life. Four blade speeds: 19, 30, 42, 63 plus the option of a variable bandspeed control. Specially designed gearbox for high lateral pressure. Full stroke hydraulic clamping vise cylinder (no manual adjustment required).

Blade Drive, Guide & Coolant

Bandsaw blade motor drive = 2.25Kg (3HP). Precision carbide blade guides ensure a square and accurate cut, with each carbide guide relieved to allow improved cooling of the blade during cutting. The bearing guides eliminate blade stress by pre-aligning the blade before it enters the carbide guides. Two additional guides support the blade from above, providing additional penetrating force for faster cutting times. Integrated coolant system. Blade swarf brush synchronised to the blade speed.

Control & Automation

The operator control station is ergonomically positioned on a pendant which can be swung through 180º, allowing the operator to either work from the front or rear of the machine. All control functions are clearly identified for ease of operation. Main electrical lockout switch is mounted at the front of the operator control station. Work height setting facility to allow the blade to rise just above the height of the material.

Material Feeding & Clamping

Full stroke hydraulic clamping vise cylinder (no manual adjustment required). Hydraulic powered saw bow lifting system after the cut is complete. A 460mm long sturdy work table support with blade coolant return. Built in adjustment bar type length stop.

ServiceS & after sales support

After sales support is just as important as the performance of our products. Full support is provided by our team of technical service personnel, working alongside the customer is where our expertise in technical support is best demonstrated. Our staff provide a comprehensive advisory service and ensure that all customers receive the very best in back-up support.