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SYD-315 Semi-automatic Circular Sawing Machine

The SYD-315 semi automatic circular sawing machine for mitre cutting suitable metal cutting applications.

Mitre cuts both left and right to 45º with a cutting capacity of up to 105mm dia. Ideal job saw for any work shop or tool room.

Cutting Capacity




85 x 85mm


120 x 70mm
Mitre Cutting CapacityRound +4590mm
Square +4580 x 80mm
Rectangle +4590 x 60mm
Blade Speed45/90
Blade Size 315mm
Main Saw Motor1.3 - 1.8kW
Machine Dimensions1250 x 900 x 1450mm
Nett Weight 230Kgs


Heavy duty, cast iron construction (230Kg). Swivel saw head for mitre cutting to 45 degree left and right. Rapid clamping vise with cut off support, equipped with quick action clamping lever. Two speed motor (25-50rpm) suitable for cutting steel and non ferrous materials. Gearbox reduction drive in oil bath. Heavy duty totally enclosed cast iron blade guard. Electrical box with emergency stop button. Recirculating flood coolant system. Adjustable length stop.

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