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Noritake NCS-5/100 High Production Circular Saw

Noritake Co., Limited

The NCS-5/100 high production circular sawing machine has been developed to meet the highest demands in precision cutting. Unrivaled in its performance of sawing solid bar material with maximum precision, providing almost dry, close tolerance parts with CNC control on all cutting parameters.

The saw employs ultra- hard and thin throw away circular saw blades specially designed for high speed cutting.

Cutting Capacity


20 -101.6mm


20 -80mm


Cutting Length10 - 3000mm
Remnant Length75mm
Saw Blade Dimensions360 x 2.6mm
Saw Blade Speed50 - 160rpm
Saw Head Power15kW
Maximum Stroke600mm
Maximum Speed24m/min
Dimensions1900 x 2180 x 1600mm
Machine BuildBlade Guide & CoolantMaterial Feeding & ClampingMachine Control & AutomationInclined Magazine Loader

Machine Build

Extreme heavy duty, robust construction (saw unit alone = 2,800 Kgs). Single piece saw unit frame design for additional machine rigidity. Frame design allows for maximum swarf removal. Specially designed ultra robust cutting head. Motor Power 15 Kw. Inverter controlled blade speed suitable for a range of materials (50-160 rpm). Standard saw blade diameter = 360 mm Dia x 2.6 mm wide. Cutting head movement is controlled via an electric axis. Cutting head mounted on high precision guides with automatic lubrication system.

Blade Guide & Coolant

Fixed Carbide blade guide blocks to ensure zero blade deviation (NO operator adjustment required). Critical Guide units fitted both above AND below the cut piece. Swarf removal blade brush assembly

Material Feeding & Clamping

Automatic setting of horizontal cutting vise clamp. Automatic setting of the Vertical material clamp. Automatic setting of the Gripper feed carriage clamp. Single Gripper feed stroke of 600 mm with automatic multi feed facility for longer cut lengths.

Machine Control & Automation

Mitsubishi CNC machine control system. Mitsubishi “Colour” Operator friendly touch screen for simple and easy use. Pre programmed setting of material grades and types automatically setting all sawing parameters. Automatic blade recommendation system. Multiple job memory facility for regular work. Comprehensive error message system for easy fault finding.

Inclined Magazine Loader

Robust automatic Inclined (slide) loading magazine unit. 8000 MM starting length capacity. Standard Loading width capacity = 800 mm. Maximum weight capacity = 3,000 Kgs. Loading process cushioned using heavy duty shock absorber on each loading arm. Quick and simple setting via a single graduated setting point near machine control panel. Standard magazine loader will ONLY load round material automatically (Sections on request).

ServiceS & after sales support

After sales support is just as important as the performance of our products. Full support is provided by our team of technical service personnel, working alongside the customer is where our expertise in technical support is best demonstrated. Our staff provide a comprehensive advisory service and ensure that all customers receive the very best in back-up support.